Training: Penetration testing

Penetration tests are specific discipline of information security requiring large knowledge and a lot of experience. Nevertheless, we are able to give you part of our knowledge to make you satisfied and able to do basic penetration tests by yourself in your company. Motto „Hackers in your service“ gives more sense now.

The purpose of this training is an introduction of methods and weaknesses, which are used by attackers, and identification of penetration tests tools.

The Structure of Training

  • Introduction and installation of testing environment

  • TCP/IP attacks and penetration tools

  • Vulnerability tests by Nessus scanner

  • Introduction of further attacks methods and tools

    • Password guessing

    • Communication eavesdropping

    • Web application testing (extract from solo training)

    • Specific exploits

    • Other attack possibilities

  • Summary

The Form of Training

All-day training is led by an experienced consultant (hacker), who perform penetration tests daily.

The training proceeds in the form of a slide-show presentation and a workshop – participants can interact with the instructor and ask questions during the lesson, what makes training more dynamic and interesting for the audience.

There is a possibility of training modification: for example we can check your acquired knowledge by a test (immediately or with some dosing interval), give you a discharge by issuing the certificate or use e-learning (through SW which is in use in your company).

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