ICT Security Audit

You are aware of importance your IT and electronic data processing, so you use variety of security means and their maintenance and development. But, is your approach really fully functional and effective? Can you come through test of external audit?

Maybe you don’t need standard-based security, not even detail certification audit. You can need just a comparison of your security measures with actual threats. Then you can fix weak parts in your environment.

The Objective

The objective of the complex security analysis is a discovering of vulnerabilities in technical and also process aspects of your IS/IT. Important parts of audit are recommendations for improving security.

The Service description

This service combines elements of technical audit based on our years of experience from penetration testing and technical security audits of operating systems and databases and process audit based on our methodology of gap analysis according by 17799/27001 ISO standards. We emphasize complexity of our audit to check all important spheres of information security and putting accent on actual threats. We don’t forget about measures to remedy the situation.

We are ready to prepare this service made-to-measure to choose proper scope and depth of security audit. In case of narrow scope we recommend consider choosing from our more specific services.

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