Training: ISMS Implementation

Information security management system (ISMS) helps organization to deal with information security management methodically. Although there are existing standards ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, which can help with ISMS implementation, our experience shows that process of ISMS implementation is still non-trivial for a high number of organizations. Our assistance helps you to kick-off the whole process of ISMS implementation and furthermore to coach it to the phase of certification.

A purpose of this training is an introduction to ISMS issue – not only description of ISMS elements, but also a presentation of methodology of managing.

The Structure of Training

  • History and progression of ISMS standards

  • PDCA Cycle

  • Analytical approach (Risk Analysis, Business Impact Analysis, GAP Analysis)

  • Security documentation, compliance

  • ISMS Implementation (methodics, measures, operations)

  • ISMS Certification

  • Summary

The Form of Training

The training (which lasts 1–2 days) proceeds in the form of a slide-show presentation and a workshop – participants can interact with the instructor and ask questions during the lesson, what makes training more dynamic and interesting for the audience.

The training contains number of sample documentations for participants.

There is a possibility of training modification: for example we can check your acquired knowledge by a test (immediately or with some dosing interval), give you a discharge by issuing the certificate or use e-learning (through SW which is in use in your company).

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