Penetration testing

Resilience of your systems against unauthorised access is best approved by penetration testing (sometimes also called “Ethical Hacking”) performed by highly qualified experts with many years' experience.

In our penetration tests, we put stress on the manual testing phase utilising the experiences and capabilities of our experts, which cannot be replaced by any automated tool. That is why our penetration tests are pretty close to a real hacker attack.

External penetration test

External penetration test simulates an attack against your internal systems from the outside, i.e. our consultant simulates a potential attacker (hacker) who is trying to penetrate your external perimeter from the internet.

Internal penetration test

During internal penetration test our experts simulate a common internal user (employee) with basic privileges, connected to your internal network. This kind of penetration testing gives you an estimate of how a potential malicious unprivileged employee can harm your internal systems.

Other kind of testing

In addition to penetration tests described above there are some other types:

Sample report

Sample output for a better idea about the quality of our work.

Demo report

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